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My mission is to help you heal from anxiety by combining body, mind and spirit medicine. I use a combination of holistic medicine healing practices to create customized treatment plans and solutions to your individual needs. 

I use therapies like nutrition, herbal medicine, supplementation, breathwork, meditation, and other self-care practices to help you achieve results.  In my coaching, I love to go deep and really get to know my clients.  I coach with compassion and focus on education, empowerment, motivation and inspiration so you can achieve the results you are looking for!

The Anxiety Healing Journey is where you can finally let go of the overwhelm, the fear, the lack of self-confidence and the exhaustion you’ve been dealing with for too long!  It’s time to heal, transform and expand into feeling higher vibrational emotions like joy, peace, confidence and love. These higher vibrational states are your birthright. 

And I know every journey is different.

No matter where you are now, I’m here to meet and support you. I customize every client treatment plan so you can ensure you get what you need for your healing! I’d be honored to be your coach and mentor as you say YES to yourself and the vibrant life you’ve always dreamed of.

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