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I believe that what and how you eat affects your every day life more than you realize. And while the right nutrition can help you alleviate anxiety, reduce stress, and ease depression naturally, there is so much more to maximizing your healing journey.

As I expand into comprehensive mentoring programs, I’m still offering nutrition services only as my availability allows.

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So what's changed?

For the last several years, I’ve specialized in helping anxious, stressed and/or depressed individuals deepen their inner peace and strengthen their resilience by creating custom healthy nutrition and self-care routines so they could love themselves fully and live a joyful life!

Now, I’m mentoring people who feel stuck and disconnected from their best self and guiding them on how to get unstuck and fully inhabit their own lives. This mentorship program will include the entire holistic paradigm, including work on the Body Foundations, Mindset Transformations, and Spiritual Ascension!

It's all about the Journey.

I didn’t get to where I am overnight.  Healing, getting unstuck, and reconnecting to your highest self and higher purpose takes time and work.  And what I’ve found is, that process goes more smoothly and feels a whole lot better with the right support at your side!

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