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Although things may look a little different on my site, know you’re still in the right place for holistic nutrition support!

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The right nutrition can help you heal your body, mind and soul, while alleviating anxiety and reducing stress.  And, there is so much more you can incorporate on your healing journey!

That’s why I’ve expanded my offerings beyond holistic nutrition and am including coaching on complementary therapies as well like mindset practices, meditation and self care.

Whether you’re interested in getting support with your nutrition, or exploring a more holistic coaching program, I’d love to chat with you!

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What's New?

For the last several years, I’ve specialized in creating custom nutrition plans for my clients to help alleviate trauma symptoms like anxiety, pain and depression.  All to create peace and healing for their journey in life!

I still specialize in healing trauma symptoms; however, instead of focusing solely on nutrition, I’ve expanded my coaching to include complementary therapies as well! My new 1:1 and Group Coaching services provide better, faster and longer-lasting results with the use of body, mind and spirit medicines.  I’m so eager to share with you how I can support your healing and transformation, so you can finally feel free of the chronic conditions that ail you.

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It's all about the Journey.

I didn’t get to where I am overnight. (You can read my story here.)

Healing your body, mind and soul and transforming your life takes time and committment.  What I’ve found is that your journey goes more quickly and smoothly with the right support at your side!  I’d be SO honored to hold space for you on your healing and transformation.  So go grab your free call with me and I’ll be looking forward to seeing you on my calendar soon.

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