Incorporating Holistic Nutrition into my life allowed me to heal and changed my life for the better!

I had to take control of my own health...

If I look back 15 years ago, my physical and mental health were a mess! I was overweight, ate a standard American diet full of fast food and I had no energy to get through my days.  To top it off, I struggled with chronic depression and anxiety every day.

Each day felt like a struggle just to get out of bed.  It was hard to focus, it was hard to enjoy anything in life, and I really wasn’t sure what I could do to help myself feel better.  Western medicine doctors wanted to prescribe me pain pills and medications, which I never felt in alignment with.  So, I decided to seek out a more holistic approach to my health.

At the beginning of 2009, I said enough is enough and sought out my first Naturopathic doctor.  Luckily for me, this doctor was really into holistic nutrition!

We started with a food allergy test, and sure enough I came back allergic to dairy and sugar.  All of which were primary in my diet at the time.  By simply removing these food triggers, and adding in a few more vegetables to my diet, I lost 12 pounds in 2 months and felt the most energy I had ever had since I was a child.

That was only the beginning, after a year of making changes to my diet, I was hungry for more!  With this hunger for knowledge, I enrolled in my first Holistic Nutrition Certification in 2010.  The knowledge I gained in this program helped me further elevate my own health, as I learned how to proactively take care of myself.  I learned how to use food as medicine to heal my body and my mind.  And when I began to pair that with other holistic practices like yoga, breathwork and meditation, the healing got even greater!

From there, my story is a long one, as I’m sure yours is too. So I’m going to try and keep it short to help you understand who I am and what got me to where I am today.

And maybe you’ll understand what called you here too.

Alignment of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies is all part of the Holistic Healing Journey.

Let me first back up a bit… My name is Susan Renee Valandra, though I choose to go by Susyn Renee as it resonates more purely with my being. My Holistic Healing Journey started many moons ago, and over the last 4 years, it’s been accelerated. It’s brought me to amazing amounts of joy, happiness and fulfillment. I’m proud to say, where I stand today is somewhere I once only dreamed of being.

So, back to my story… After completing my first Holistic Nutrition Certification, I decided to leave my job in corporate America for a greater purpose. My calling in life was to be a holistic healer. I had gone through my own personal healing journey using nutrition and lifestyle practices, and I felt called to help others do the same.

I decided to dive even deeper into my own health, and I got really invested into taking care of my body with nutrition and movement. I went back to school for additional holistic medicine education, and I was implementing everything I was learning. I started moving my body regularly, and I used medicinal foods to help my body become vibrant and full of energy.

The work I was doing on my body opened me up energetically to do even more work.

Within the year, I realized there was a lot of mental and emotional work I needed to do. My marriage was toxic, and needed to end. I started working on my mindset and my emotions with the help of some coaches and mentors. That was how I identified the relationship with my husband was no longer serving me, and it was time for me to move on and do some deeper levels of healing.

I started to have a lot of time to myself, with myself, and for myself, and it was because of this time I started to recognize how much of myself I was missing. There was so much of me I had become disconnected from.

For two years I swirled trying to find myself. I was in and out of codependent relationships. I was also trying to find my stride with my new direction in Nutrition. I was searching for jobs while teaching holistic nutrition at the school I studied at, while also trying to build my own practice on top of it.

I was lacking focus and lacking connection to my higher self and my purpose.

But it was during this time I got into a more regular meditation practice. I started hearing whispers that there was a higher calling for me, and that there was additional healing I needed to do, as well. I could feel the pull towards deeper levels of healing, and I was starting to feel how misaligned I had been with my true life’s purpose.

I decided to fully step into my own business. I left my teaching position and a few other contract jobs I had taken on. I was ready to dedicate my life to helping others with their nutrition and lifestyle. I had finally found my traction and direction in what I wanted to do, and I was committed to making it happen.

Soon I realized my purpose went beyond nutrition.

Setting a foundation of health with
the physical body opens up the
mental and emotional bodies
for healing.

For years, I worked with individuals on improving their nutrition and lifestyle to help them set a foundation of health for deeper levels of healing. I felt called to help others alleviate anxiety, reduce stress, and ease depression because it was a big part of my journey, but from there, I started incorporating self-care and self-love practices. We worked together on tools to improve their mindsets and shed self-limiting beliefs, and it was this shift that helped me start to see more powerful results with clients, helping them to achieve more growth and deeper levels of healing.

As I was bringing these principles into my practice, I was also behind the scenes doing a lot of work on myself. I decided to work with a coach, a therapist, and a plant medicine practitioner to continue my own journey of healing.

It was during this time that I recognized how to truly unleash my full, authentic power!

I let go of my lack of self-worth, reconnected to my inner being (what I call my True North), and started to cultivate interdependent relationships free from the toxic codependent characteristics of my past.

Once I found the connection with my highest self, it reinvigorated my spirituality, and I started to deepen my meditation practice. I’ve been into meditation for the last decade and a half; though I’d never really dedicated myself to practicing regularly. But I made a commitment to honor myself and my spiritual connection daily with a “sacred self care” time, and I began incorporating breathing practices, prayer and meditation into every morning.

That spiritual connection took me into some next level magic.

In dedicating myself to living a spiritually-centered life, the real magic started to happen. My ability to manifest what I wanted and create my reality was actually happening! My intuition opened up, and I started to get downloads of messages and guidance from the Universe. I started to feel deep levels of peace, joy, gratitude and compassion in my heart.

I started incorporating breath work along with my meditation practice to really open myself up. I also dove even deeper into yoga to move out the old emotions and limiting beliefs from my body. I explored sound healing and energy work, along with new and full moon ceremonies to really connect to myself and our beautiful Earth mother.

In doing all of this and connecting to my highest self, the Universal Mind, and to our beautiful Earth Mother, I began to see massive shifts. I started to see my business grow and expand. I was connecting with wonderful new clients who were excited to show up and do the work. I met and fell in love with a new partner who was everything I had been hoping for and more. I began meeting new people who were of like-mind and like-heart, growing my tribe of sisters and brothers. And I was letting go of so many of the stories that had been keeping me stuck and holding me back in my life.

I’ve always had a calling to help others.

I always knew I was meant to lead people and to guide them through a healing process. And finally, 38 years into my life, I now understand what the calling of my whole life has been.

We all have different journeys, all with our own unique ups and downs, but I can say with 100% honesty: I’ve finally stepped into fully inhabiting my own life. And it’s a life full of joy, fulfillment, happiness, gratitude and compassion. I know how to manifest and create my dream life, while also keeping my resilience and wisdom to get through tough times.

I want the same for you.

Joy. Gratitude. Fulfillment. Happiness. The knowledge and the wisdom that you are the creator of your reality. You deserve a life filled with so much excitement, connection and love. You are worth it!

I want to support you on your own Holistic Healing Journey and guide you on your way. I want to offer you the wisdom I’ve gained and make fully inhabiting your own life a reality!

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