Most people have food allergies they are unaware of that are draining their energy.  Getting tested for your food allergens and knowing what foods are NOT medicine for your body are an incredible foundation to your healing.

How Delayed Food Allergies can be Affecting your Health

There are several different types of immune responses in the body, and when it comes to food allergies we mainly look at two of them.  The immediate response to foods is the IgE antibody (this is when someone breaks out in hives when they eat a food) and the delayed response is the IgG antibody.  When I talk about food allergens, I’m specifically referring to Delayed Food Allergens and the IgG immune response. This immune reaction can happen anywhere between 2-56 days after ingesting the food!  The reason testing is so important is because delayed food allergens can be difficult to determine on rotation or elimination diets because of how long the immune response is active in the body.

Delayed Food Allergies usually show up in a person who has chronic health issues.  These could be things like Asthma, Migraines, Chronic Fatigue, Skin Rashes or Itching, Nasal Congestion, Bloating, Diarrhea and Gas are all possible symptoms of a delayed food allergy.  The reason these symptoms are so varied is because each person can be affected differently. The main issue with delayed food allergens is the stress they put on the immune system, which takes away from your ability to cope with other stressors on the body.

The beautiful thing is, once you know what your delayed food allergens are, you can remove them from your diet.  This helps your immune system free up capacity and it can start focusing on your other ailments instead of the foods you’re eating.  This also helps decrease inflammation in the body and promotes overall healing and well-being.

Easy Way to Determine your Delayed Food Allergies

The best way to determine your Delayed Food Allergies is to test for them.  I offer testing for Delayed Food Allergies through my practice, and there are other holistic practitioners out there who do too.  Again, trying to determine what your delayed food allergens are via a rotation or elimination diet can be nearly impossible, because they can cause immune reactions for up to 56 days in the body.  Instead of wasting time and money guessing, the price of the test is worth it, so you can know what to be avoiding in your diet.

Do you have chronic health issues that are still plaguing you? If you’ve been working on elevating your health and still feel like there is a missing puzzle piece, consider getting tested for your delayed food allergens.  It’s worth knowing what food is and is NOT medicine for your own body 😊