The most common question I get from clients is, “What does my diet have to do with my fatigue and anxiety?”


Well, if you want to learn how nutrition can influence your energy and moods, keep reading!

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If you suffer from fatigue and/or anxiety, your diet is a contributing factor.


There are essential nutrients the body requires on a daily basis.  Not only does the body require certain amounts of macronutrients like carbohydrates, fats and proteins, it also requires micronutrients like vitamins and minerals.

When your diet isn’t delivering these nutrients into the body, the body cannot function at its best or produce the energy you need.  This lack of nutrients leads to fatigue and inflammation.

And if you’ve been eating a diet lacking in nutrients for a long time, chronic fatigue and inflammation set in.

A body that is fatigued and inflamed is RIPE for disease.  This poor state of the body allows for anxiety, and a host of other ailments, to become part of your daily life.

You see, the cells in your body have amazing organelles called mitochondria, which are responsible for energy production.  These little powerhouses need nutrients to produce energy and keep you happy and healthy.

Certain micronutrients like the B-Vitamins, Magnesium, Iron, Copper, Manganese and Co-Q-10 are some of the nutrient needs for your mitochondria to produce energy.  So, if you’re not getting these through your diet or supplementation, little to no energy production can take place.

Even a lack of water, which is an essential nutrient, can be a factor in your fatigue and anxiety!  You can learn more about why clean water is important here.

So, if you’re eating a diet lacking in nutrients and not properly supplementing with medical-grade products at therapeutic dosing, you’re not getting the nutrition your body needs.  This is just the first way your diet is contributing to your fatigue and anxiety.



How an Acidic Body Creates Fatigue and Anxiety


For the best energy production, your body needs to be slightly alkaline.  If you can remember back to your chemistry class from high school, slightly alkaline means above 7.0 on the pH scale.

Generally, your body wants to be around 7.35 pH for ideal energy production. However, most individuals are acidic, which means they have a pH less than 7.0.  And when the body is acidic, this causes inflammation in the body.  

The problem with acidic, inflamed bodies is that they create a dominant sympathetic nervous system.  This is also known as your “fight or flight” nervous system.

And when this “fight or flight” state is dominant and overactive in the body, you create too much of the hormone cortisol, which can lead to problems like fatigue and anxiety.  

This acidic state can also have a major effect on our overall mood.  If you struggle with things like anxiety, anger, grief, frustration, impatience, unworthiness, worry, fear of the unknown, or indecisiveness, these can all be emotional signs of sympathetic dominance and an acidic environment in your body.

If any of these emotional states sound like you, I can tell you your diet is not serving you as best as it can.  Because with any of these emotions present, especially when coupled with fatigue, you can assume your body is acidic.

Want to know one of the biggest causes of an acidic body? Then read on!


How Food Allergies Contribute to Fatigue and Anxiety 


So now you know how a lack of nutrients and an acidic body influence fatigue and anxiety.  Are you ready for the final kicker?

It’s Food Allergies.

A majority of the foods that I see come back on client food allergy test results are acidic to the body and lacking in nutrient-density (like the 4 most common which are: gluten, dairy, egg and yeast).  

But, I’ve even seen healthy, nutrient-dense foods come back on test results as allergens!  I’ve had clients allergic to avocados, peas, coconut, kale, sweet potatoes and more.  

The problem is, whether the food itself be alkalizing or acidifying, if you’re allergic to it, it is the MOST ACIDIC to your body.


Because when you eat a food you’re allergic to, your immune system is going to react to it.  This drains energy from your body, suppresses your immune system’s ability to fight off things like viruses and bacteria, and it  creates inflammation from the immune response.

This means, these immune reactions can FUEL YOUR FATIGUE AND ANXIETY.

And without determining exactly what your food allergies are through testing, you may be making dangerous assumptions about your health and well-being.

Again, I’ve seen people eating very healthy, nutrient-dense diets who have allergies to the foods they are eating.  So, while you can try to eliminate the most common allergens from your diet, I’ll always recommend testing over assuming.

And, if you want to learn more about food allergies and testing, you can do so here 



How to stop your diet from contributing to fatigue & anxiety


All of this is great to know, but now I’m sure you’re wondering, how do I make the necessary changes in my diet to stop fueling fatigue and anxiety?

You can start to become more aware of your current habits and what you’re eating by keeping a food journal.  This is where you will write down what you eat at every meal, every day. Starting this process can be a huge eye-opener for people who haven’t been paying much attention to their diet and can even compel you to make healthier diet choices.  

Once you begin to cultivate an awareness of where you’re at, the next thing you could do is read my blog post on Simple Steps to Alleviate Anxiety with Your Diet.  In there, I share easy tips and tricks you can get started with today!

Take those simple steps and begin to incorporate them and notice how you start to feel and what energy you might reclaim.  When you start to see improvements, keep up with that momentum and move forward in your journey to a healthier, happier you!

Have you started the process of making these changes and are hungry for more? Let’s build on the momentum you’ve created!  Get on my calendar and let’s discuss which of my programs might be right for you.

With the right Nutrition Coach on your side, you can feel abundant energy and reduced anxiety within a matter of days!

So seriously, check out my programs and get on my calendar if you’re serious and desire real change! 

Because you’re worthy and deserving of so much more.

You’ve got this. I believe in YOU!


Much Love,

Susan Renee


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