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The Ascension Framework

Before you manifest your dream life, we need to restore your physical body.  By integrating a high-vibe diet, cleaning up your environment and empowering your lifestyle, we’ll set a foundation to transform your mindset!

The heart of manifesting lies in your mindset.  During this step, you work through releasing self-limiting beliefs, creating positive internal dialogue, and constructing new neural pathways of positivity, worthiness, gratitude and joy!

The final step is spiritual.  It’s connecting to your higher self through meditation and breathwork practices so you can manifest like a maven, achieve alignment with your purpose, and receive all you can dream of and desire!

It's Time To Ascend

The world needs your gifts, and the time to ascend is now! I want to support you on your Ascension Journey and guide you on your rise.

Authentic joy. Heartfelt gratitude. Pure bliss. The knowledge and the wisdom that you are the creator of your reality. You deserve a life filled with blessings of abundance, and you are worthy of receiving all that you desire!

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“Susan is AMAZING! I have been taking medicine for depression and anxiety most of my life along with several other medications off and on for ADHD, pain management, headaches, etc. It seemed like no doctor could help me. Susan stepped in, I started to see improvements within a few weeks, and I could feel a total transformation in just 2 months! She offered so much emotional support throughout my treatment plan and helped transform my negative/helpless mindset into a positive and powerful mindset. I cannot recommend Susan enough to anyone!”

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I’m Susyn Renee, Ascension Mentor, Medicine Woman and Founder of The Ascension Tribe. And I help people just like you create the life of your dreams by guiding you through your Ascension Journey.
You don’t have to hit rock bottom to rise back up to your dream life! My story is proof you ascend at any time, at any age, and from any situation you have in life. You can change the course and outcome of your life!  Join me on the Ascension Journey Mentorship program to get to your ultimate reality.

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